Georgia GOP gubernatorial candidate Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle was caught on tape admitting he’s a political hack, voting for a bad bill despite having misgivings. Imagine the other things he’ll gleefully vote for just because….

Cagle  “told a former rival in a secretly recorded conversation that he engineered the passage of a bill he described as bad ‘a thousand different ways’ because it would deprive another opponent in the race for governor of millions of dollars in support,” the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

“Cagle told Clay Tippins in the recording that he circumvented the state Senate’s top education leader and swallowed his own misgivings over the bill, which raised the cap on tax credits for private school scholarships to $100 million, purely to prevent Hunter Hill from receiving financial help from a super PAC.”

Cagle threatened Delta with more taxes after the airlines yanked an affinity program with the National Rifle Association (NRA) in the aftermath of the Parkland school shooting in Florida. Delta hit back in a scathing statement saying that “our values are not for sale.”