Georgia GOP operative Seth Weathers now claims his tweet questioning Valerie Jarrett’s race was really in mockery of Roseanne Barr’s racist attack. Um, nice try, but we know who we’re dealing with — he’s the guy who ran deportation bus candidate Michael Williams failed gubernatorial race.

It all started when Weathers tweeted:  “FYI, this is the “African-American” that @therealroseanne offended.”

Why the quotation marks around African American? Of course, he claims he was being smeared by a Democratic media operative.

Weathers’ explanation evolved during an interview with the Associated Press: “His tweet was making fun of Barr for claiming she didn’t know Jarrett was black.”

Weathers briefly served as Donald Trump’s state director. He was adviser to Gwinnett County commissioner Tommy Hunter who called civil rights icon John Lewis “a racist pig” after he criticized Donald Trump. That tells you all you need to know about Seth Weathers.