United and American Airlines have asked the U.S. government not to fly separated migrant children on their aircraft. This comes as Donald Trump caved to the global condemnation for his barbaric acts against migrants on the U.S. border.

American Airlines said, “We have no desire to be associated with separating families, or worse, to profit from it.”

United tweeted a statement:  “Based on our serious concerns about this policy [zero tolerance] and how it’s in deep conflict with our company’s values, we have contacted federal officials to inform them that they should not transport immigrant children on United aircraft who have been separated from their parents. Our company’s shared purpose is to connect people and unite the world. This policy and its impact on thousands of children is in deep conflict with that mission and we want no part of it.”

United said it has found no evidence that migrant children separated from their parents were transported on its aircraft but are sending out the message loud and clear that they won’t allow it.

American Airlines also released a statement on the separated migrant children:

“The family separation process that has been widely publicized is not at all aligned with the values of American Airlines — we bring families together, not apart. American, like many U.S. airlines, provides travel to the federal government through contracts; however, the government does not disclose information about the nature of the flights it takes or the passengers who are traveling. While we have carried refugees for non-profits and the government, many of whom are being reunited with family or friends, we have no knowledge that the federal government has used American to transport children who have been separated from their parents due to the recent immigration policy, but we would be extremely disappointed to learn that is the case.

“We have therefore requested the federal government to immediately refrain from using American for the purpose of transporting children who have been separated from their families due to the current immigration policy. We have no desire to be associated with separating families, or worse, to profit from it. We have every expectation the government will comply with our request and we thank them for doing so.”

Delta Airlines also issued a statement asking the government not to use their aircraft to transport separated migrant children:

“Delta’s mission is to connect people and we are against anything that runs contrary to that mission. Recent reports of families being separated are disheartening and do not align with Delta’s core values.

We applaud the Administration’s Executive Order resolving the issue of separating children from their families at the U.S. border.”