A new Quinnipiac poll finds that 92 percent of black voters disapprove of Donald Trump and a majority of voters, 55 – 39 percent, say he has emboldened racists to publicly express those beliefs. The poll also finds his approval rating at 40 percent with his disapproval rating at 55 percent.

black voters disapprove of trump

“The lack of civility in politics is a serious problem, American voters say 91 – 7 percent. While 47 percent of voters blame Trump more for this lack of civility, 37 percent blame the Democrats more.”

The poll also found that a majority of voters disapprove of his inhumane family separation policy at the US-Mexico border.¬†When it comes to the separation of immigrant kids from their parents, American voters are clearly appalled,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

“Separating children from their parents was a violation of human rights, American voters say 60 – 36 percent. The Trump Administration has a responsibility to unite these children with their parents, voters say 83 – 12 percent. Undocumented immigrants are not more likely than American citizens to commit crimes, American voters say 69 – 25 percent.”

Americans overwhelmingly gave negative marks to Trump on most character traits:

  • 58 – 38 percent say he is not honest;
  • 55 – 43 percent say he does not have good leadership skills;
  • 55 – 43 percent say he does not care about average Americans;
  • 62 – 34 percent say he is not level-headed;
  • 60 – 37 percent say he does not share their values;
  • 62 – 36 percent say he does not provide the U.S. with moral leadership.

I’m surprised Quinnipiac University pollsters didn’t ask voters how they feel about Donald Trump’s constant lying and juvenile name-calling, though I suppose that is lumped into the percentages that say he’s dishonest and does not provide moral leadership.