Trump reeks of fear is trending on Twitter in response to a blistering column written by Charles Blow: “I can smell Donald Trump’s fear from here. His panic. His anxiety.” Um, I beg to differ. He’s actually quite putrid at this point.

The only people who know what has been discovered in the Russian election meddling probe are Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team, and they aren’t talking.

But President Trump no doubt knows far more about it than the rest of us, and what he knows — or what he fears — appears to be a consuming preoccupation. He tweets about the investigation constantly.

Part of this is an overt play to bend public opinion, to besmirch whatever conclusions the investigation might reach and to ward off any attempt at a possible impeachment.

Trump is conducting himself as only a guilty man would, one who has a very real and well-founded fear that he is in imminent jeopardy. Source: NY Times

Charles Blow is on point with his column. Donald Trump’s actions, from his unhinged tweet to his incoherent babbling, show he is guilty AF. No innocent person behaves in this manner.

Trump should heed the warnings of Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, who said if he pleads the Fifth and not meet with Robert Mueller, it would be “catastrophically” damaging. No matter what he does, he is being boxed in. At some point, the truth will come to light.

Twitter responds in the best way possible: