The “Very Stable GeniusDonald Trump is being publicly humiliated by North Korea’s murderous tyrant Kim Jong Un, who continues to play him for a fool. Who’s gonna to tell him he is being outplayed by Un?

It should be noted that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was treated horribly by the North Korean government — it seems deliberately and publicly. Here’s a snapshot from Bloomberg:

  • North Koreans took Pompeo and his team to a gated guesthouse, “just behind the mausoleum where the bodies of regime founder Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong Il” are located. No posh accommodations at all.
  • Pompeo didn’t learn about his schedule just hours ahead of time. That meeting with Kim Jong Un never happened. That’s not how you treat your new bestie.
  • Pompeo and his team had to sit through long dinners, which they dreaded because of the “daunting number of courses” — “foie gras, turkey, pea soup, boiled oak mushrooms, kimchi, watermelon and ice cream, plus a drink branded “American Cola.”” His breakfast on the second day was “toast and slices of processed cheese.”
  • While Donald Trump was busy tweeting sweet nothings to Kim Jong Un, North Koreans balked at any talk of denuclearization, accusing the US of “gangster-like tactics” and called his diplomacy “regrettable.”
  • Kim Jong Un staff allowed reporters to linger a little longer than usual during the first meeting between Pompeo and North Korean leaders. In other words, they controlled the optics.
  • “The lack of U.S. control clearly rankled Pompeo.” Once again, North Korea wins.

The final snub involved the passports of the reporters traveling with Pompeo. Bloomberg reports the passports, which bore a “special endorsement allowing entry to North Korea,” were “never stamped” and “the documents were returned unblemished” by authorities in Pyongyang. Um, in other words, it’s as though Mike Pompeo and his team never visited North Korea at all.