White nationalist Corey Stewart melts down during his interview with Rev. Al Sharpton on hisĀ Politics Nation show on MSNBC, as he claims people of color should forget about the Civil War and slavery.

Stewart, who is a GOP Senate candidate for Virginia, said he doesn’t consider himself the candidate for white nationalists though he really does. He claims people are sick and tired about talking about race and have a lot of more important issues to talk about.

Sharpton clapped back by telling him that there are many blacks who live in Virginia who live with the reality of race. He hit Stewart over his comments praising the confederacy at a white supremacist event. He praised Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

Stewart replied, “why is it that people on the left are so obsessed with what happened 150 years ago.” But yet, he praised people who’s sole mission was to divide America by race and keep slavery going during his gubernatorial run last year.

When cornered by Sharpton about his statement praising and defending Lee and Jackson, he started accusing him of not paying his taxes and being a race hustler.

“How can you praise Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson and offer yourself to all the citizens of the state,” Sharpton countered. Stewart, who is from Minnesota, refused to address his statement at the white supremacist event last year. Instead, he said there is modern-day slavery going on in the U.S., in terms of sex trafficking in the U.S. that is all fed because of open borders.”

Sharpton said, “you were the one who praised people whose only historic significance was to support slavery and secession.” How do you defend statues of people whose only place in history was because they killed Union soldiers to preserve slavery?” Sharpton asked. “You make it relevant,” Sharpton hit back, about Stewart praising the statues.

Stewart says the problems that we have in this country aren’t due to race. Yep, another white nationalist trying to white-wash history. He said taking down a confederate monument has never educated a single child or provided healthcare. Um, no.

Watch Corey Stewart melt down on live TV: