Hillary Clinton made a cameo appearance in the season premiere of Murphy Brown reboot, applying for a secretarial job.

The scene begins with Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen) interviewing a job applicant for a studio secretary who turns out to be Hillary Clinton

“Hello, I’m hear to interview for the secretarial position,” Clinton said to a shocked Brown.

“God,” Brown said. “You look just like…”

“I know, Hillary Clinton. I get that a lot,” Clinton replied. “But my name is spelled with one ‘L.’”

Brown warns Clinton as they sat down that the position is “demanding,” to which the former presidential nominee responded that she was not afraid of hard work and that she is “qualified and ready on Day One.”

“And I also assume you’ve had previous experience secretarial experience?” Brown asked.

“Absolutely. “For four years, I was the secretary of a very large organization,” Clinton replied.

And you have all the requisite skills? Computer? Email?” Brown asked.

“Emails… I do have some experience with emails,” Clinton responded.

The interview ends with Brown telling Clinton she would think it over and get back to her. Clinton then hands her a business card which read, “[email protected]

Clinton walks to the elevator with a smirk on her face. Hilarious.