Melania Trump’s spokeswoman accuses hosts of The View of mocking her Slovenian accent after they put her on blast for attacking the anonymous op-ed writer by reminding her that she was “also a birther.”

Stephanie Grisham, Mrs. Trump’s spokeswoman, took offense to the co-hosts telling the truth about her boss by tweeting: “Rawstory, If by “destroy you mean being disrespectful & hypocritical while mocking someone’s accent, then the “ladies” of @TheView succeeded. And btw @Sunny, her title is @FLOTUS.”

The View co-hosts put Melania Trump on blast after she issued a response (which she most likely did not write) slamming the anonymous op-ed writer, saying that the press should be fair. They reminded Mrs. Trump that she plagiarized one of Michelle Obama’s speeches and supported conspiracy theories that suggested President Obama was not born in the United States. That’s rich for Melania Trump to have done, since we don’t quite know how she obtained that Einstein visa in the first place.

Sunny Hostin read Melania Trump’s statement sarcastically and seemed to attempt mocking her Slovenian accent, but Whoopi Goldberg told her not to do it.

I love how some in the media are out with headlines claiming that Grisham eviscerated Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar and Abby Huntsman. Um, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I am sure Goldberg, Hostin and Behar could care less that they hurt Melania Trump’s feelings.

Of course, Twitter claps back at Melania Trump’s spokeswoman: