Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski gets dragged on Twitter after she accused Serena Williams of taking the perceived slight against her by the chair umpire at the U.S. Open “too personally.” The woman who has the “know your value” campaign, clearly doesn’t know the value of a black woman or what we endure on a daily basis.

Brzezinski and her co-host Joe Scarborough got on their high horse this morning and attacked Williams for trying to defend herself during the final match on Saturday. They brought an older white man, Mike Lupica, to come and otherize what happened with Williams. Princeton University professor Eddie Glaude came on and strongly defended the tennis legend as totally being within her rights to defend herself against a double standard.

Brzezinski said Serena Williams “was being coached, and she also did throw the racket. Personally, I don’t think that’s becoming, whether a man does it or a woman does it. And apparently, it’s against the rules and she threw it, so it happened.”

“And then for me, the biggest thing, especially given, sort of, the conversations I have with women about knowing their value and communicating it effectively. One of the big know your value rules is: don’t take it personally.”

“The entire thing that played out on the court was extremely personal, it was about Serena, it was about being apologized to and it became — it just completely blew out of control and quite frankly impacted her tennis, you could argue. But even more so took away from what was really happening.”

“The winner was amazing and she won and really what should have happened for her, was taken away by Serena, incapable of not taking this all personally and taking it all in.”

Watch Miss Know Your Worth Mika Brzezinski bash Serena Williams for defending herself:

Williams was hit with three violations, which cost her a game, after umpire Carlos Ramos accused her of cheating because her coach was coaching from the box. The second strike came when she broke her racket in frustration and the last strike came when she called him a “thief.”

Many professional male tennis players have defended Williams, saying that they have said far worst and never got penalized. Andy Roddick and James Blake clapped back at the perception that Williams was just complaining about sexism. Williams was hit with a $17,000 fine for the three code violations.

Response on Twitter: