A search of Botham Jean’s apartment sparks outrage after he was murdered by Dallas cop Amber Guyger inside his own home after she claims she mistook it for hers. That’s despite the apartment number in neon light next the door and a red mat in front of the front door.

The police obtained a search warrant for Jean’s apartment within hours of his death in an effort to discredit him and smear his reputation. A Fox News affiliate was only too happy to tweet out that marijuana was found in his apartment.

Why wasn’t a search warrant executed for Guyger’s apartment? It seems to me that she was impaired to the point where she did not know her apartment was on the floor below. Either that or she’s lying about why she went upstairs to Jean’s apartment and shot him when he didn’t respond to her “verbal commands.”

The cops also gave Guyger three days to clean up her statement before she was taken into custody.

The police’s efforts to smear Botham Jean is reminiscent of a similar attempt to besmirch the reputation of 91-year-old Kathryn Johnston in Atlanta after she was murdered by cops during a no-knock warrant served on the wrong house. Instead of admitting they went to the wrong house, they planted drugs in her house. The truth eventually came out and three officers were charged and sent to prison for their actions.

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