Fergie’s ex-husband says Draymond Green should apologize to her for laughing at her horrible rendition of the national anthem during the NBA All-Star game in February. Um, everyone watching the trainwreck of a performance laughed.

During an interview on Fair Game on Fox Sports, Josh Duhamel said that Green was being a real “p*ick” because he knew he was on camera when laughed at Fergie’s performance of the Star Spangled Banner.

Duhamel said Green wasn’t a real man because he didn’t call her to apologize for doing what everyone who witnessed the disaster on national television did — burst out laughing.

Since Fergie’s ex-husband rehashed this story, here’s what some of Green’s teammates responded by playing a remix of her performance:

Draymond Green’s mother even weighed in on Twitter: “Every time someone sing the Anthem someone say remember when FERGIE sung it and they BURST OUT LAUGHING or shaking their head!”

In case you forgot, here’s Fergie’s disastrous performance that Josh Duhamel wants Draymond Green to apologize for: