Kanye West ranted during his White House visit saying that Donald Trump “might not have thought he’d have a crazy motherf*cker like me in here.” It was the first time that Trump wasn’t the only incomprehensible one at his press conference.

West said that wearing the MAGA hat gives him power because he’s “married into a family without a lot of male energy.” He also said the hat is a Superman cape.

He claimed that Trump has to be the “flyest” and the “freshest” president ever. This is literally the ranting of someone who is has some mental issues and is clearly off his meds.

If there’s ever a time for the dead to rise up, it would be now. Maybe Donda West can help her son regain some normalcy. He has been spinning out of control since she died. He literally just had a public mental breakdown.

Twitter reacted just as you would expect — with mockery:

Watch the Kanye West’s sh*tshow in the Oval Office: