Protesters sing A Change is Gonna Come in front of the Supreme Court ahead of Brett Kavanaugh confirmation. Damn right, a change is going to come on November 6 and in 2020.

It’s worth pointing out that the 49 senators who voted against Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation represent approximately 181 million Americans. That’s compared to the 50 that voted for him, representing less than 150 million Americans.

Furthermore, a so-called president, who lost the popular vote by nearly three million nominated a man who a majority of Americans did not want confirmed and is about the be confirmed by the slightest of margins. Even Clarence Thomas managed to get 11 Democrats to vote for him.

We have a legitimacy crisis because an illegitimate judge is about to sit on the highest court in the country, having been nominated by an illegitimate president and a spineless group of mostly old white men in the Senate and one traitor from the Democratic Party — Joe Manchin (WV).

Don’t engage in name-calling, engage in getting people to the polls for the midterm elections next month. We can do this if we unite, roll up our sleeves and get busy. That change is gonna come if we do what we need to do to stop Donald Trump by helping the Democratic Party flip the House and/or Senate. Let’s turn our anger over the Kavanaugh confirmation into action on Nov. 6.