Twitter eviscerates Melania Trump for saying she is “the most bullied person in the world:” “Michelle Obama was literally called a “monkey” and an “ape.”

During an interview with ABC News while she was on her trip to Africa, Trump said the bullying led to create her Be Best campaign (which is a knock-off of the Obama administration’s anti-cyber bullying campaign).

Trump told ABC News’ Tom Llamas that she was bullied on social media, so the Be Best campaign came about because of that. Um, so the anti-bullying campaign is all about Melania Trump. To think people thought Donald Trump was the only self-absorbed person in their marriage.

Mrs. Trump also complained that there are still people in the White House who she doesn’t not trust. “It’s harder to govern. You always need to watch your back,” she said without providing any facts to back up her claims.

Oh the irony.

Melania wants “hard evidence” from sexual assault victims before they are to be believed, but throws out an allegation of a trust issue in the White House without providing “hard evidence” to back up her claim.

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