Mississippi Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith attacks the “liberal media” over a report that she attended a segregated academy (‘seg academy’) during the 1970s to avoid integration and later sent her daughter to a similar school.

The Jackson Free Press reports Hyde-Smith attended the Lawrence County Academy, which opened in Monticello, located 60 miles south of Jackson, in 1970. Hyde-Smith sent her daughter to Brookhaven Academy, another segregated school, located in nearby Lincoln County.

Fifteen years after school integration become the law of the land, the Supreme Court ordered the immediate desegregation of public schools in 1969, and Mississippi Gov. John Bell Williams ordered that public schools integrate when students returned from Christmas break in early 1970. “So let us accept the inevitable that we are going to suffer one way or the other, both white and black, as a result of the court’s decree,” he said at the time.

It is no coincidence that the academy Hyde-Smith attended opened the very year after the highest court’s ultimatum, as did others around the state. The day he announced his compliance, Williams made it a priority to focus on private schools as an alternative for white students whose parents were not keen on their children sharing classrooms with black children. The Legislature even approved private-school vouchers for white families to offset the costs of sending their kids to whites-only private schools. Source: Jackson Free Press

Hyde-Smith’s campaign chose to attack the newspaper instead of addressing the issue of why she was sent to a segregated school.

“In their latest attempt to help Mike Espy, the gotcha liberal media has taken leave of their senses. They have stooped to a new low, attacking her entire family and trying to destroy her personally instead of focusing on the clear differences on the issues between Cindy Hyde-Smith and her far-left opponent,” Hyde-Smith’s campaign spokeswoman Melissa Scallan said in the statement.

This “seg academy” report comes after Hyde-Smith’s comments about sitting in the “front row at a public hanging” and joking about suppressing liberal voters. Wal-Mart was among several companies requesting refunds for their campaign contributions in the wake of her comments.

Many believe Hyde-Smith’s comments weren’t errors but a deliberate attempt to remind voters in Mississippi that her opponent Mike Espy is black.