Donald Trump attacks black journalists during his gaggle on the White House lawn on Friday morning, calling April Ryan “a loser” and telling Abby Phillip that she’s always “asking stupid questions.”

Trump said that April Ryan is “very nasty” and she “got a pay raise from CNN.” This is just breathtakingly crazy on so many levels. This is not normal behavior. Earlier this week he attacked Yamiche Alcindor, another black journalist, as a racist for asking him a question about why he calls himself a “nationalist” despite the racist connotation.

Trump also attacked former first lady Michelle Obama, who slammed him in her upcoming memoir, as writing the book for money. Um, at least we saw her and Barack Obama’s tax returns every year while they were in the White House. Furthermore, Barack and Michelle Obama are wealthy people.

Trump attacking April Ryan as “nasty:”

Trump attacking Abby Phillip as “stupid:”

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