Donald Trump response to Michael Cohen’s guilty plea about the Moscow project is to lob personal insults that he’s a “weak person” who is lying to get a “reduced sentence.”

Cohen admitted lying to the Senate Intelligence Committee about the Trump Organization’s Moscow project. He said he also discussed the project with members of Trump’s family.

Trump said it wasn’t a big deal if he tried to do business with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign because he was still running his business. Um, Trump repeatedly said he had no business dealings with Russia.

Here are some of Trump’s tweets from 2017 saying he has no business dealings with Russia:

It is clear that Trump is in panic mode as Mueller moves closer and closer to him in the investigation. He said that a pardon was not off the table for his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, after Mueller pulled his plea deal because he lied to them.

Watch Trump attack Michael Cohen as a weak person over Moscow project revelation:

Read Michael Cohen’s plea deal:

Read Michael Cohen’s indictment: