Karen Handel concedes to Lucy McBath as Georgia’s sixth congressional district flips from red to blue in a huge upset: “After carefully reviewing all of the election results data, it is clear that I came up a bit short.” She served 18 months too long in Congress after narrowly beating Jon Ossoff in the special election.

McBath, who came to politics after her son Jordan Davis was gunned down by a white man, declared victory yesterday while Handel initially refused to concede.

Here’s an excerpt from Karen Handel’s concession letter:  “After carefully reviewing all of the election results data, it is clear that I came up a bit short on Tuesday. Congratulations to Representative-Elect Lucy McBath and send her only good thoughts and much prayer for the journey that lies ahead for her.”

“When I was elected last year, I promised to give you my all in representing you and the entire District. I’ve done my absolute best to do that – every moment of every day. While our country and hardworking families here in the 6th District and across the country are doing better, these remain challenging times with too much anger and animosity.”

“That’s why we must all recommit ourselves to giving hope, creating opportunity, and building a better America for our fellow Americans —and to doing so with grace, humility, heart, and compassion,” Handel wrote.

My two cents: I’m not sure to what Karen Handel is referring when she says she did her absolute best to represent the district. She never held any live town hall meetings. Instead, she chose to hide from the public and hold virtual town hall meetings instead because she didn’t want to answer any tough questions.

As for the anger and animosity, 99 percent of that stems from her party and leader. She never stood up to Donald Trump’s abuse of power nor pushed back on his barbaric migrant policy.

I’m glad she conceded early because there is no way she could have asked for a recount judging from the shenanigans Brian Kemp pulled to eke out a lead.