Rep. Adam Schiff, incoming chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, slammed Donald Trump and his confederates for misleading the country about the private real estate deal he was pursuing with Russia in exchange for lifting the U.S. sanctions.

During an appearance on ABC News This Week, Schiff said, Trump was publicly urging sanctions relief for Russia while privately putting through a deal for a real estate project in Moscow, which would require that the sanctions be lifted. He added that Trump misled the country in a way that left him compromised by the Russians.

Schiff’s statement comes after Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty in the Russia probe to lying to Congress about the Moscow project. Trump claimed he was “lightly looking” into a real estate project in Russia, which was “legal and very cool.” Adding that it was widely reported in the news. It was not. Trump repeatedly said on the campaign trail that he had no dealings with Russia.