Donald Trump rage-tweets that “without the phony Russia witch-hunt my approval rating would be at 75%.” He also ranted about presidential harassment. This is a sick, sick mind that thrives on delusion and lies.

Trump tweeted:  “Without the phony Russia Witch Hunt, and with all that we have accomplished in the last almost two years (Tax & Regulation Cuts, Judge’s, Military, Vets, etc.) my approval rating would be at 75% rather than the 50% just reported by Rasmussen. It’s called Presidential Harassment!”

The so-called Russia witch hunt has led to his campaign aides Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos and former lawyer Michael Cohen pleading guilty to charges brought by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The same witch hunt has led to other guilty pleas of other people connected to the campaign and several indictments against Russian entities and Russians with ties to Vladimir Putin.

According to the sentencing memo for Michael Flynn, there are currently three investigations that the former national security adviser has provided “substantial information” to Mueller’s team. The third investigation was completely redacted. We don’t know what that involves, but it is criminal in nature.

Reaction on Twitter as Donald Trump rage-tweets: