GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy (LA) dances around whether or not Donald Trump committed a crime in connection to the payoffs to his mistresses.  “If you phrase it, “Am I concerned that the president might be involved in a crime? Of course. The question is then whether or not this so-called “hush money” is a crime,” Cassidy said.

Michael Cohen was sentenced to 36 months in prison for campaign finance violations stemming from payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal shortly before the 2016 presidential election.

Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) expressed concern about Trump’s campaign finance violations. He said “his decision on how Congress should respond to federal investigators’ final findings on the payments “will not be a political decision, it’ll be the fact that we are a nation of laws and no one in this country no matter who you are is above it,” NBC News reports.

Expect Rubio to walk back his concern because that’s what Republicans do. They fall in line and parrot the talking points coming from leadership, no matter how misguided and hypocritical they may seem.

Republicans are citing the John Edwards case in a pitiful attempt to soothe their conscience but the two cases are different.

Trump is reportedly also worried about being impeached. He’s in for a rough ride starting Jan. 3, 2019, when Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats assume control of the House. A new sheriff will be in town with deputies having no qualms about wielding subpoena power.

Correction: Sen. Cassidy’s press secretary Ty Bofferding said he was taken out of context by NBC News. As you can see, Cassidy engaged in whataboutism by invoking John Edwards.