U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan blasts former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn during his sentencing: “Arguably you sold your country out.”

Judge Sullivan says he “can’t hide my disgust, my disdain” for Flynn’s criminal offense. He said it was a “very serious offense” for Flynn to lie to the FBI on White House premises. At one point during the hearing he asked if Flynn could be charged with treason.

The judge is also ticked off at Flynn over his pre-sentencing memo in which he claimed he was entrapped by the FBI agents when they met with him at the White House.

Flynn took Judge Sullivan up on his offer to the delay the sentence for 90 days. Why? He was going to throw the book at Michael Flynn.

The judge is basically telling Flynn don’t even think about not fully cooperating with Robert Mueller, or he will throw him behind bars like they should have done with Ret. General David Petraeus.