Massive vote fraud is suspected with mail-in ballots with North Carolina’s 9th congressional district. There are allegations of the improper collection of mail-in ballots and voters receiving mail-in ballots that they did not request.

The Raleigh News & Observer reports:

  • Across the 9th district, 24% of the requested mail-in ballots were unreturned. In Robeson County, 64% of mail-in ballots requested did not make it back to elections officials. In Bladen County, the figure was 40%.
  • The unreturned ballots are disproportionately associated with minority voters. More than 40% of the ballots requested by African Americans and more than 60% of those requested by American Indians did not make it back to elections officials. For white voters, that figure was just 17%.
  • In other counties hard-hit by Hurricane Florence, as Bladen and Robeson were, the share of unreturned mail-in ballots was not as high. In Columbus County, 29 percent of the mail-in ballots requested were unreturned. In Pender County, the figure was 18 percent.

The North Carolina state board of elections refused to certify Republican Mark Harris’ win over Democratic opponent Dan McCready. They called for a hearing to discuss the matter on or before Dec. 21. If these allegations are true, criminal charges should be filed against the perpetrators.

The GOP operative at the center of the scandal is identified as Leslie McRae Dowless, who has a history of voting shenanigans in the region. According to sworn affidavits, he led an “80 person team” working for Mark Harris. He was promised a $40,000 bonus if Harris won.