Rudy Giuliani dares federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York to show their evidence as he continues to sink Donald Trump (also known as Individual 1).

During an appearance on ABC News’ This Week, Giuliani said, “There is no way of knowing it other than taking Cohen’s word for it. I mean, the conversations they had, even that tape-recorded conversation that we listened to is just the two of them…They don’t have corroborating evidence.”

“Plus, they wouldn’t let Cohen plead guilty to conspiracy. I ran that office,” he continued. I know what they do. If I am going to use a cooperator, I’m going to make them plead guilty to a conspiracy, because when he goes on the witness stand, I’m able to say this is who we fill in as the co-conspirator. He pleads guilty to a crime that isn’t even a crime. He’s going to be ripped apart on the witness stand.”

None of this is true. Federal prosecutors are not going to just take Michael Cohen’s word for it with zero corroboration. In fact, they got a treasure trove of information when the FBI raided Cohen’s office, home and hotel room. Further, Trump’s friend, David Pecker, who the CEO of the National Enquirer, is cooperating with the SDNY and have already given up the goods, including corroborating Cohen’s claims about the payoff to Trump’s former mistress Karen McDougal.

Giuliani has moved on from “truth isn’t truth.” He’s now saying, “unless you’re god, you’ll never know what the truth is.”