Twitter shreds British tabloid the Daily Mirror for attacking Queen Elizabeth II as being “out of touch” because of the gold piano that was in the background during her Christmas Day address.

The Daily Mirror tweeted:  “Queen’s speech in front of lavish gold piano blasted for being ‘out of touch.'”

Queen Elizabeth II was born into wealth. She is a part of the royal family for God’s sake. They amassed a fortune going back decades, so to suddenly have an issue with her because of a gold piano is pathetic.

The fact that someone wrote an article about the Queen’s golden piano shows just how petty the British press is. The attacks on Meghan Markle shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Queen Elizabeth II Gold State Coach (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Gee, I wonder if the same British tabloid doesn’t realize that Queen Elizabeth’s Gold State Coach, orb and sceptre, as well as the Imperial crown, plus her other crowns and jewels, are most likely worth more than the damn gold piano?

Queen Elizabeth’s Gold Orb, Sceptre and Imperial Crown (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Twitter responded as you would expect: