The Congressional Black Caucus weighs in on Rep. Steve King’s removal from House Committees over racist comments he made to the New York Times: Stand up to Donald Trump.

CBC chair Karen Bass said in a statement:  “Thanks to pressure from the Congressional Black Caucus and others, Steve King is in a much weaker position to promote his racist agenda.”

“Republicans must now take a hard look in the mirror and firmly decide that they will reject racism in all forms, including standing up to Donald Trump, who like Steve King, has made a career of racist and outlandish statements that divide our country.”

“It’s up to the Republicans to save their party from the abyss and convince the American people that their values are firmly rooted in a future where everyone can succeed regardless of race.”

Steve King is not the beginning and the end of the problem the Republican Party has with racist rhetoric. He has been saying racist things for years, such as, only white people contributed to western civilization. Yet they have not condemned Donald Trump for his racism.