Donald Trump directed his former lawyer Michael Cohen to rig online polls while he falsely attacked the Democrats of rigging polls. Talk about projection.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Cohen paid technology expert and Liberty University’s chief information officer John Gauger to rig online polls in Trump’s favor.

Gauger, who owns Red Finch Solutions, said Cohen offered him $50,000 to rig two online polls. Cohen gave Gauger a blue Walmart bag with about $12,000 – $13,000 in cash, a boxing glove that Cohen said was worn by a Brazilian mixed-martial arts fighter, during a 2015 meeting at Cohen’s Trump Organization office. Cohen never paid Gauger the remainder of the promised $50,000.

It’s no surprise that Cohen stiffed Gauger on the remainder of the money. There’s a real possibility that the online poll rigging scheme may have violated campaign finance laws.

By the way, the president of Liberty University is Jerry Falwell, who will go to the end of the earth to defend Donald Trump. Naturally, he is trending on Twitter. Falwell is a rabid wolf. Period.