As expected, Donald Trump swings and misses by cancelling Nancy Pelosi’s trip to visit troops in Afghanistan after she cancelled his State of the Union address. Um, it took him a whole day to come up with this stunt.

Trump said that he was cancelling Pelosi’s trip because of the shutdown. She was supposed to leave today at 3:30 p.m. It’s like the dude is kicking up sand in the sandbox because a girl kicked his *ss. His little hissy fit will not get Pelosi to change her mind on wall funding.

Trump, who dodged the draft multiple times, called Pelosi’s trip to visit the troops a “public relations event.” This is disrespectful to the troops. He also outed her trip to a war zone, which is some place he doesn’t want to go. She was going to meet with the troops. This is unprecedented and just plain wrong.

Of course, the genius behind this seems like it was Mick Mulvaney and some White House aides:

Nancy Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff tweeted that the delegation was not scheduled to stop in Egypt as his letter claimed. Donald Trump just can’t stop lying.

It already started blowing up in his face: