Donald Trump’s stunt to cancel Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to visit the troops in Afghanistan and NATO officials backfires as he’s put on blast for Melania Trump’s Mar-a-Lago trip.

Trump, acting like a spoiled brat, sidelined Pelosi’s CODEL because she delayed his State of the Union address due to his government shutdown. Of course, his letter to Pelosi was filled with lies and insults to our troops. He wrote that she was going on a “seven-day excursion” and it was a “public relations event,” even though he finally went to Iraq after the government shutdown.

Well, it didn’t take long for it to backfire royally. In fact, he made is way even harder with Pelosi because he’s still not getting the wall. She gained more from cancelling his SOTU address than he did by postponing her trip.

While he cancelled Pelosi’s trip, Melania Trump was seen getting out of the government helicopter and into the government plane as she made her way to Mar-a-Lago for her spa treatment.

The optics of that was so bad….Nancy Pelosi couldn’t visit the troops but his wife could take a plane to her country club. Needless to say, Melania Trump is trending on Twitter as a result of his hypocrisy. I believe this is her third trip since the government shutdown.

Reaction on Twitter to Melania Trump’s trip to Florida during shutdown: