Every single Democratic lawmaker in both chambers should boycott Donald Trump’s SOTU address as long as his government shutdown continues.

Trump sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying that it is his constitutional right to deliver the State of the Union address over her objections for a delay. We know from the 19th century up until Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, the State of the Union was a written document.

Trump thinks he’s a dictator and can do whatever he wants. The fact is before he can show up, Congress needs to pass two resolutions. Until then, he’s technically invited in letter only. Republicans are only too happy to help him steamroll over our democracy to feed his fragile ego.

I would also urge viewers to tune him out too. I don’t plan on watching because I refuse to sit there and be lied to for 60 minutes or however long his lie-filled rant will last.

According to a new poll from CBS News, Trump is losing the fight on the shutdown over border wall funding as a majority of Americans give Pelosi a massive edge in negotiations, and most do not want the country held hostage over Trump’s campaign promise.