Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, launches her 2020 presidential campaign by pinning her hopes on women voters to help her get to the White House. It’s not going to work.

Politico: “Gillibrand’s support for hundreds of female candidates around the country has been a hallmark of her political rise. Now, more than any candidate for president ever has, she’s putting gender at the heart of her pitch to voters — a strategy that could bolster her cause with a sizable slice of the Democratic base and help her stand out in a sprawling primary.”

“But she begins the campaign behind several other prominent women — and men — seeking the same bloc of support, and she will face strong pressure to construct a winning coalition including all stripes of voters.”

Um, nope. That’s not going to work. For starters, black women aren’t going to break for Gillibrand. A recent poll shows women of color overwhelmingly support Sen. Kamala Harris (CA). This is the same bloc of women that went for Hillary Clinton in huge numbers. White women didn’t go for Clinton, so I’m not sure how Gillibrand thinks she’s a more viable candidate than for former secretary of state.

Furthermore, Kirsten Gillibrand stabbed Bill and Hillary Clinton in the back when she felt it was politically expedient. You see, they went to bat for her when she ran to fill the Senate seat Mrs. Clinton had vacated. At the time she didn’t express the sentiment that Bill Clinton should have been kicked out of office over his affair with Monica Lewinsky. She didn’t seem to care then because she wanted to win the election at any cost. But now that her seat was safe, she felt it was okay to stab them in the back.

Then there’s the matter of her soliciting campaign donations from Donald Trump. It makes you wonder what she told him and what he knows about her. He did hint that she would do anything to get his money.

Some Democrats are also upset with her because she led the charge with calls for Al Franken to resign over sexual misconduct allegations. I won’t blame her for Franken’s resignation but she comes across as someone who uses you until she no longer has need for you.