The #NeverBernie hashtag has been trending since Friday night after Bernie Sanders floats a 2020 presidential run: “No, he helped elect Donald Trump,” one user tweeted.

The non-Democrat wants to hijack the Democratic Party again to raise money and get publicity. He is one of the reasons why Trump beat Hillary Clinton. He gave Trump his talking points about her qualifications and judgment early on in his campaign. He is a disgusting person who I would never ever support.

Sanders, whose legislative record is scant on just about ever issue that is important to the black community. It baffled me as to why Hillary Clinton was blamed for the 1994 crime bill when she was the first lady with no power to effect change. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, skated right under the ire of the Black Lives Matter people even though he voted for the bill.

The media ran with Hillary Clinton’s emails, WikiLeaks stolen email dump, the Clinton Foundation, her near-fainting spell, while giving both he and Trump a pass. Bernie got away without releasing years of tax returns like Clinton did. He promised a lot of free things — free college tuition — that none of his supporters questioned how he would pay for all this.

Sanders likes to brag that he took part in the 1963 March on Washington, but what has his civil rights record looked like as a lawmaker? It’s pitiful. He had to be called out about a lack of diversity in his presidential campaign before he ran out and hired a black publicity aide. His legislative record on civil rights, gun rights and other issues that are important to the black community is seriously lacking.

I would urge Democrats, don’t fall for this scam again. Russia could also be behind #Bernie2020, since Donald Trump suffered the worst beat-down of his reality show presidency this week. Bernie isn’t a Democrat and shouldn’t be allowed to hold the party hostage for yet another election cycle.

For those people attacking Kamala Harris because she was a prosecutor, stop it. Bernie’s first job was a government job when he was in his 30s. Can you honestly say he would be a better presidential candidate than Harris? There are no grounds to make such a claim because Bernie hasn’t accomplished much of anything in all his years in Congress.

My two children are millennials and they would not support Bernie under any circumstance whatsoever. Why? Like Trump, he cannot deliver on his promises, which aren’t grounded in reality, but fantasy.