Conservative Noah Rothman got an epic beatdown from Tiffany Cross on Morning Joe over his new book about white victimhood and the social justice movement.

He complained about anti-racism and feminist policies punish white men because of the “negative pressure” such policies exert. He said affirmative action has created a new type of discrimination. Well, he chose the wrong person of color to tell how to think.

Rothman is now trending on Twitter because he was completely annihilated to his face by Cross in real time. She even quoted a line from his book, Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America, back to him — word for word. His responded by accusing her of mischaracterizing his words in a hilarious word salad.

He said, “You mentioned affirmative action, and that’s important because, philosophically, in this book, an action to positively discriminate, to rise up, sort of had a collateral damage effect of negatively discriminating.” “That was an accident,” Rothman continued. “Negative discrimination has now become the point,” he added.

Cross asked Rothman to define negative discrimination. “Classes, whole tribes of individuals need to have a comeuppance, a due, sort of, reckoning, with their historical privileges that they know or may not know that they benefit from,” he responded.

“Likewise, to examine those who have been victimized by historical forces that they may either be aware of or not aware of. That is negative discrimination,” Rothman added.

“Many people are not master of their own destiny,” Cross countered. “I think it’s an accurate philosophy. With respect, I think your outlook on this is a bit myopic and based solely on your experience, and doesn’t extend the intellectual debate with people who haven’t had your history.”

Both Noah Rothman and Tiffany Cross are trending on Twitter: