Rudy Giuliani admits that Donald Trump was in full negotiations with Russia for the Trump Tower Moscow project during the 2016 presidential campaign.

During an appearance of Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd asked Giuliani: “So, just to clarify, talks of Trump Tower Moscow went as late as October or November of 2016?”

“Could be,” Giuliani responds. “The president’s recollection is, I talked about it with him in 2015, 2016. Can’t tell you the exact dates,” he continued.

In other words, Donald Trump repeatedly lied when he said he had no dealings with Russia. He was very much in full negotiations at the time. If this is true, Trump was secretly trying to strike a multi-million dollar deal with Moscow even after the FBI notified him that Russia posed a counter-intelligence threat.

Giuliani also went on CNN’s State of the Union and admitted that Michael Cohen may have spoken to Donald Trump about what he should say during his testimony on Capitol Hill. That basically proves Buzzfeed’s point.

Watch Rudy Giuliani admit Donald Trump lied about Trump Tower Moscow project: