Trump Caved (#TrumpCaved) is trending on Twitter after Nancy Pelosi scores a second major win against Donald Trump in one week as he temporarily reopens the government without getting any border funds.

Trump waved a white flag after the effects of his government shutdown continued to intensify as air traffic was disrupted after the FAA halted flights at LaGuardia airport due to air traffic controller shortage. The disruption also hit airports in Newark and Philadelphia.

Nancy Pelosi shut Trump down earlier in the week when he tried to muscle his way to having the State of the Union address after she called for a postponement due to the shutdown. He backed down and said he would wait until the government reopened.

He tried to spin his epic defeat during a speech in the Rose Garden, by threatening to shut the government down again in three weeks if he doesn’t get his border wall. He also said he could declare a national emergency. Democrats will see him in court if he goes that route.

Reaction on Twitter: