Donald Trump’s attorney general nominee William Barr said in his prepared remarks ahead of his confirmation hearings: “I believe vitally important that the Special Counsel be allowed to complete his investigation.”

Barr went on to say: “I have known Bob Mueller personally and professionally for 30 years. We worked closely together throughout my previous tenure at the Department of Justice under President Bush.”

“We’ve been friends since. I have the utmost respect for Bob and his distinguished record of public service. When he was named special counsel, I said that his selection was “good news” and that, knowing him, I had confidence he would handle the matter properly. I still have that confidence today.”

In other words, Donald Trump is not going to slide out from under the Mueller probe. Barr said that the findings should be released to Congress and the American people once the report is released. But let’s see where that really goes. That could be the sticking point.

Barr also said, “If confirmed, I will not permit partisan politics, personal interests, or any other improper consideration to interfere with this or any other investigation.”

Trump was upset that former Attorney General Jeff Sessions didn’t recuse himself from overseeing the investigation. He was upset that Sessions didn’t protect him. I think he’s going to be upset to learn that Barr and Mueller are friends.

Read William Barr’s entire prepared remarks.

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