Former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe opened a can of whoop *ss on Donald Trump in his new book, saying he ordered Rod Rosenstein to write the memo for the James Comey firing.

The Guardian reports, McCabe wrote that Rosenstein privately complained that Trump directed him to justify Comey’s dismissal by writing the memo. The treatment of Hillary Clinton’s email investigation was used as the basis for the firing.

“Rosenstein made his remarks in a private meeting at the justice department on 12 May 2017, according to McCabe’s memoir, which also accuses Trump of operating like a criminal mob boss and of unleashing a “strain of insanity” in American public life,” The Guardian reports.

Rosenstein was reportedly “glassy-eyed” and upset over Trump’s directive.

“He said it wasn’t his idea. The president had ordered him to write the memo justifying the firing,” McCabe writes. Rosenstein said he was having trouble sleeping, McCabe writes. “There’s no one here that I can trust,” he is quoted as saying.”

McCabe’s bookThe Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump, will hit store shelves on February 19th.