Very Stable Genius Donald Trump gets far less money for border fencing than he would have received in the previous deal in December that resulted in his government shutdown.

In other words, his failed negotiation strategy yielded less money than when he first started the process. The new deal includes only 55 miles of border fencing that costs $1.375 billion, far less than the $5.7 billion and 200 miles he held federal workers hostage for 35 days, the Washington Post reports.

In other words, Democrats have put Trump in a box that may very well lead to him accepting the deal, which is worse than what he began with. If he rejects the deal, he could end up with no border fencing funding or a veto-override of the latest bill.

The Republicans have no leverage, thanks to the Very Stable Genius, who blurted out on national television on Dec. 11, 2018, “I am proud to shut the government down.” They sat by and allowed it to happen for 35 days, they won’t do that a second time around. Shorter version….Democrats win again.

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