Donald Trump plans to build his wall by seizing private lands using eminent domain as his fake national emergency declaration backfires.

The White House let that cat out of the bag during a conference call with surrogates on Friday morning. “White House officials said the admin will be using eminent domain to build wall, per a readout on the call,” CNN’s Jim Acosta tweeted.

Donald Trump even predicted that the Ninth Circuit Court would block his fake declaration more than once and expects it to end up in the Supreme Court. It will most certainly be blocked in the Supreme Court as well. The two justices he appointed can’t save him.

The US Chamber of Commerce is also blasting Trump’s move as “eroding the system of government.” “We have long fought against attempts by the executive branch to usurp the powers of Congress and to create law, such as we have seen in recent decades with the rise of the regulatory administrative state,” Chamber President Thomas Donohue said in a statement.