Sen. Elizabeth Warren apologizes for calling herself an “American Indian” on a Texas bar registration card in 1986. She slipped in that apology during the State of the Union address.

To echo Rick Klein, Warren hasn’t declared herself a 2020 presidential candidate yet but she “has done a whole lot of battling with herself.”

Washington Post: “The problem for Warren isn’t just that she walked into something of a trap set by President Trump, with her DNA test and decision to litigate her heritage. The president’s racist taunts remain far worse than anything supposed offense by Warren regarding her ethnicity.”

“The problem is that in this era where authenticity is at a premium — where the clamor for Beto O’Rourke grows in his absence, to cite one example — Warren’s most important battle may be over how she defines herself. That’s a tough argument to win.”

She took Donald Trump’s bait with the Pocahontas slur by doing a non-scientific DNA test that really proved nothing. She had to apologize to the Cherokee Nation for that hot mess.

As I have said countless times about Trump, if you like about the little things, you will lie about the big things. Seems to me that Elizabeth Warren may be her own undoing. Her presidential aspirations may be going down in flames and it’s all because of a lie.