Trump flunkie Rep. Matt Gaetz threatens Michael Cohen ahead of his public testimony on Capitol Hill. He threatened to expose Cohen’s girlfriend in a stunning move for a member of Congress. It shows that Donald Trump is triggered by Cohen’s testimony.

Gaetz tweeted: “Hey @MichaelCohen212 – Do your wife & father-in-law know about your girlfriends? Maybe tonight would be a good time for that chat. I wonder if she’ll remain faithful when you’re in prison. She’s about to learn a lot…

Gaetz claims he was engaging in “witness testing” and not “witness tampering.” “And when witnesses come before Congress,” Gaetz continued, “their truthfulness and veracity are in question and we have the opportunity to test them.”

Um, that’s not how it works.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi clapped back hard: “I encourage all Members to be mindful that comments made on social media or in the press can adversely affect the ability of House Committees to obtain the truthful and complete information necessary to fulfill their duties.”

Reaction on Twitter after Matt Gaetz threatens Michael Cohen: