Twitter shames Mike Pence after he demands Rep. Ilhan Omar resign or be removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee: “Ask your boss, Donald Trump, to resign first,” one user tweeted.

Pence tweeted: “@IlhanMN tweets were a disgrace & her apology was inadequate. Anti-Semitism has no place in the United States Congress, much less the Foreign Affairs Committee. Those who engage in anti-Semitic tropes should not just be denounced, they should face consequences for their words.”

He followed that up with a second tweet on Wednesday: “Unless Representative Omar resigns from Congress, at minimum Democrat leaders should remove her from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar apologized for the tweets that have been deemed anti-Semitic because of the use of the word “Benjamins” for money. She slammed Trump after he called for her resignation saying, “you have trafficked in hate your whole life.”

Trump has spewed anti-Semitic rhetoric, attacked blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, women and even mocked a disabled reporter, but suddenly Rep. Omar should quit?

Twitter hammered Pence: