Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough says Donald Trump’s presidency will be viewed with the “same scorn following the Dred Scott decision.” He added that President Barack Obama’s presidency is the “most transformative of our lifetimes.”

Scarborough wrote in the Washington Post: “…100 years from now, Obama’s presidency will be hailed as the most transformative of our lifetimes, and Donald Trump’s will be viewed with the same scorn that followed the Dred Scott decision. Like that pre-Civil War Supreme Court case, Trump will forever be condemned as a racial reprobate whose words and actions inspired white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

If changing the Constitution and reelecting Obama two more times would break the fever that now ravages Trump’s Washington, I would cheerfully champion the passage of that constitutional amendment, slap a “Hope and Change” sticker on my shirt, and race to the nearest voting booth to support the man historians will remember as the most significant president since Abraham Lincoln,” Scarborough wrote.

The reason President Obama didn’t get a lot done domestically was because Republicans like Sen. Mitch McConnell (vowed to make him a one-term president), John Boehner, Paul Ryan and others, stymied him at every turn.

Scarborough’s verbal beatdown comes as Trump continues to attack the late Sen. John McCain months after his death. He called George Conway, the husband of his senior White House aide, “a total loser.”