Epic mic drop: Joe Scarborough shreds Donald Trump over his lie about falling viewership numbers:  “More people watch Morning Joe than attended your inauguration.”

The clapback came after Trump, who claims he does not watch Morning Joe, tweeted that the show’s ratings had “tanked” with the release of the Mueller report. The Mueller report has not been released to Congress or the general public. A four-page memo from Attorney General William Barr is all that has been released and it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.

Of course, if Donald Trump is tweeting or talking, he’s lying. And this was no exception. Scarborough clapped back: “You’re lying again, but thanks for bringing up our ratings. Because of the great Morning Joe team, we keep breaking records every year. And even if our audience is down 14% on one day, more people STILL watch Morning Joe than attended your inauguration. SAD!!!”

You know the inauguration crowd size or the lack thereof is a touchy subject for Donald Trump and it stings when it’s thrown back in his face.