Former acting attorney general Matt Whitaker throws Donald Trump under a bus during a closed-door hearing before the House Judiciary Committee by not denying he asked him about the Michael Cohen case and SDNY.

Judiciary Committee chairman Jerrold Nadler told reporters:

“The three main takeaways that we take away from today, one, unlike in the hearing room, Mr. Whitaker did not deny that the president called him to discuss Michael Cohen, the Michael Cohen case, and personnel decisions in the southern district.”

“Two, while he was acting attorney general, Mr. Whitaker was directly involved in conversations about whether to fire one or more U.S. Attorneys.

“Three, while he was acting attorney general, Mr. Whitaker was involved in discussions about the scope of the southern district attorney and his recusal, and whether or not the southern district went too far in pursuing the campaign finance investigation in which the president was listed as number one. Those were the three takeaways from today.”

Whitaker was also directly involved in conversations with Trump about whether the prosecutors with the SDNY went “too far in pursuing the campaign finance case” that implicated Trump.

Last month, during a public hearing, Whitaker denied a CNN report that Trump had “lashed out” at him about the Cohen investigation in the SDNY. In other words, he lied to Congress and that is a felony. We all know how it turned out for Michael Cohen. Special Counsel Robert Mueller hit him with charges for lying to Congress.

This comes after Judge Amy Berman Jackson sentenced Paul Manafort to 73 months in prison and as Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance indicted Manafort on 16 counts of fraud.

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