Outgoing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein throws shade at Donald Trump as he wrapped up a speech on Thursday:  “If you desire to know a person’s character, consider his friends.”

Rosenstein, who will leave the Justice Department in mid-March, delivered the keynote address a keynote speaker at the anti-bribery TRACE organization’s annual forum on Thursday when he appeared to rebuke Trump.

The end of his speech he threw some shade: “Finally, in the spirit of promoting a culture of integrity, I want to leave you with the wisdom of this ancient proverb: if you desire to know a person’s character, consider his friends.”

“You can help protect your business by using caution when selecting associates and by ensuring appropriate oversight. Always make sure that you can stand proudly with the company you keep.”

Rosenstein also touched on respecting the rule of law. “Our nation’s founders did not take the rule of law for granted. First, they fought a war on their own soil to break free from rule by a foreign monarch,” he said.

“Then they operated for a decade under the Articles of Confederation, with a weak central government that proved incapable of meeting its obligations. So, in 1787, the Constitutional Convention met in Philadelphia to establish rules for a new central government. The founders agreed on a written Constitution establishing structural protections to promote the rule of law.”