Regular MSNBC guest Tiffany Cross shames journalists for parroting Donald Trump’s talking points about his fictitious exoneration in the Mueller probe “as yet again a huge failure on behalf the media and this is not the first time and this is one time where Fox is not the standalone here.”

“Across the board, there were no innocent bystanders, you saw people blindly accept William Barr’s, the president’s handpicked attorney general, summary and conflate these two things, Barr’s summary with the actual report,” Cross said during an appearance onĀ AMJoy on Sunday.

“You have reporters and anchors saying that now that Mueller says there is no collusion, what should Democrats do.” “I have been asked to consistently correct people, I haven’t seen the report and I don’t think you have either,” Cross said. “Why are we saying and echoing and sounding like an apologist for the White House?”

“This happens on the heels of the 2016 campaign of gifting this man with wall to wall coverage at his rallies, again and again putting on known liars like Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Huckabee Sanders to echo this president’s lies, and saying Mueller found you innocent, knowing that this is a lie,” Cross continued.

“There is a disconnect between media and consumers. This is how you continue to dumb down the American electorate when you don’t give people the benefit of doubt by presenting the truth. This is a problem with out democracy.”

Cross cited a recent guidance from the Associated Press that told its journalists if something is racist, it is okay to say so.

“Some media outlets are more concerned about offending Trump voters than they are of reporting the truth,” Cross said. They are consistently out of step with the demographics and how this country is changing. Cross added, “I don’t remember the concern about Obama voters.”

We are seeing the same level of carelessness of the media, that had an impact on the 2016 presidential election, seeping into this 2020 presidential campaign. They are allowing Donald Trump to bully them into submission.