Twitter has a field day after Stacey Abrams shuts down Meghan McCain during an appearance on The View during a discussion about the Mueller report.

“Every Democrat says wait for the Mueller report, wait for the Mueller report, and now it comes out and it seems like Democrats don’t like the results, and so we’re not accepting the results of the Mueller report,” McCain said.

Well, let’s just say the clap back was all that.

“We don’t know the results of the Mueller report. We know the results of the summary of a reading of the report by a partisan who was just appointed by the person who is the subject of the report,” Abrams said.

Abrams also said that the Mueller probe was not the most important issue facing voters, but added that Americans deserved to know the evidence that was uncovered against Donald Trump.

McCain continued: “I do believe that when you have the breakdown of what we can trust when it fits whichever narrative that we want, and I myself have many questions still remaining, but they came out and said that there was no collusion, definitively, Mueller said no collusion, so you don’t accept there was no collusion from Mueller?”

“But the Mueller report was not simply about collusion,” Abrams responded. “That was a pundit summary of a complicated question, which is what happened preceding the 2016 election. I don’t know the answer because I haven’t seen the report.”

Joy Behar asked Abrams about the rumor that Joe Biden may pick her as his running-mate. She responded, “”I think you don’t run for second place.” That’s nothing more than a gimmick and I am glad she recognized she was being used as a prop to appease black voters.