Convicted felon Bernie Kerik smears Rep. Ilhan Omar as being “infatuated” with al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah. He offered no proof to back up his claims. In other words, he’s lying.

Kerik, ex-head of New York Police Commissioner, was sentenced to four years in prison in 2010 on eight felony charges, including tax fraud and lying to White House officials. He was nominated for Homeland Security Secretary on the recommendation of Rudy Giuliani. He is hardly the one to attack Rep. Omar.

Kerik’s shameful smear comes as Donald Trump continues to attack Rep. Omar, putting her life in danger. During his visit to Minnesota, Trump told a reporter that she has “been very disrespectful to this country” and “is somebody that doesn’t really understand life, real life.”

This from the dude who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was given millions of dollars by his father but yet he’s attacking Omar, a refugee from Somalia.

Of course, Twitter hammered Bernie Kerik: